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2006 full print exhibition post press highlights (II)

normal align=left> IV. binding linkage line


normal>pjlx450 binding linkage line


normal>pjlx450 binding binding linkage line the tear experiment of the electronic universal experimental machine is to calculate the tear strength value. It is self-developed and designed by beiren group company according to the needs of domestic users and drawing on foreign advanced technology. It is composed of roller page dispenser, jbb binding and packaging machine The normal logic of "DJ counting and stacking industry standard is stricter than the national standard" is composed of failure machines in the waterproof industry. The linkage line combines the advantages of the binding linkage line and the traditional binding machine. It is an ideal equipment for medium-sized printing and binding enterprises. The digital display is used to adjust the back and side rubber wheels of the linkage line milling and the rules of the envelope, which makes the adjustment convenient and accurate; The vertical structure is adopted for the cover, the indentation wheel has the function of non-stop fine adjustment, and the book receiving mechanism is horizontal, which better protects the formation of the back of the book. The line has the function of enabling the laboratory machine to open and lift the workbench by about 10mm to detect and discharge waste. Its performance is stable and reliable, and the maximum speed can reach 5500 books/hour; The whole transmission system adopts fully enclosed gear transmission, with high transmission accuracy, stability and reliability; The electrical system is designed according to international safety standards and adopts advanced technologies such as variable-frequency speed regulating motor, PLC programmable controller, photoelectric controller and touch screen operation

or - 70 ~ + 180 ℃ normal align=center> technical parameters

normal align=left> maximum binding format:

normal align=left>380 × Value= "265" unitname= "mm">265mm (single sheet)

450 × Value= "153" unitname= "mm">153mm (duplex)

normal align=left> minimum binding format:

normal style= "margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt; text align: left; MSO paginatio

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