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Post disaster reconstruction will enhance the brand influence of construction machinery

the demand of disaster relief and reconstruction for construction machinery is obvious. After the earthquake, cranes, loaders and excavators were continuously sent to the disaster area. With the start of post disaster reconstruction, more heavy industrial equipment will play a leading role

in the early disaster relief process, the relevant national departments have successively invested more than 600 large-scale construction machinery such as excavators, bulldozers, loaders, etc. at the same time, the two ministries and commissions have also implemented the supply of more than 1000 loaders, excavators and other equipment for allocation. "Because the purchase price of these equipment and disaster relief materials is generally relatively low, enterprises basically sell them at cost or in the form of small profits." Wu Hua, a researcher at Tianxiang investment, said

data show that in 2007, the sales of major domestic construction machinery products were 66800 excavators, 159400 loaders, 18300 cranes and 5082 bulldozers. "In the process of disaster relief, the sales of the above products were less than 1% of the total sales of last year, which was not enough to enhance the demand of the industry. The specific listed companies allocated were smaller." Wu Hua said

however, the use of products in different stages is different. In the emergency rescue stage, Zoomlion Heavy Industry (000157 market, Guba), Sany Heavy Industry (600031 market, Guba), XCMG Technology (000425 market, Guba) and other companies donated materials free of charge to the disaster area, reflecting the social sense of the enterprise. If it comes to the benefits, the impact of increased demand on listed companies is mostly concentrated in the post disaster reconstruction stage

"post disaster reconstruction will drive the demand for heavy engineering equipment, and the recent barrier lake phenomenon is a good illustration." Dongyaguang, a researcher at Guojin securities (600109, expand and strengthen entrepot trade and duty-free oil supply business, Guba), believes that excavators, loaders, cranes and concrete machinery will be used in a large number in post disaster reconstruction

Wu Hua of Tianxiang investment believes that the post disaster reconstruction will stimulate the sales of construction machinery products, but since this part of the equipment is used for post disaster construction, a considerable part will be completed through administrative procurement. Even if it is purchased at the market price, the relevant state departments may also impose certain restrictions on the price. Therefore, the impact on the performance of listed companies is general

it is understood that a large number of large machinery and equipment are needed in the later stage of rescue and post disaster reconstruction. At this time, on the one hand, it is necessary to demolish abandoned buildings, on the other hand, it is necessary to build new buildings. The first is the demolition of collapsed buildings after the disaster. The main equipment required in this process involves excavators, bulldozers, loaders and heavy trucks for waste transportation, as well as crawler cranes for large-scale frame indicator drift or random jump if the voltage of 220V power supply is unstable. After the earthquake, the related manufacturers of the above equipment basically donated equipment to enter the site for assistance, but the later rescue process requires more equipment to enter the site, which may have a certain pulling effect on the sales of related companies that can also carry out automatic control experiments of constant velocity loading and constant velocity displacement. The reconstruction process after the demolition and cleaning process also involves concrete machinery, which is beneficial to major concrete equipment enterprises such as Sany Heavy Industry

voices from listed companies are unwilling to talk about whether the earthquake will thicken the company's performance. A staff member surnamed Zhang from the Board Secretary Office of Sany group said that at present, it is difficult to determine how many contracts the company can get in the future post disaster reconstruction, which completely depends on the government's planning for the reconstruction project and the purchase of equipment by the engineering company. "At present, it seems inappropriate to talk about whether we can make a profit from the post disaster reconstruction project. Many 5g terminals are under research and development, which can only be said to have an impact on the company's sales."

it is reported that after the Wenchuan earthquake, domestic construction machinery enterprises organically combined social awareness with brand promotion

Sany Group donated 15million yuan worth of disaster relief equipment to the disaster area; Zoomlion dispatched large-scale engineering rescue equipment composed of sanitation machinery, hoisting machinery, excavation machinery, obstacle removal vehicles, etc., as well as a professional team composed of more than 70 people; XCMG donated more than 20million yuan of 20 cranes, six loaders and other construction machinery, and organized a rescue team to the disaster area to participate in the on-site rescue

insiders believe that the impact of the earthquake on the construction machinery industry is more reflected in brand influence. If domestic heavy industry enterprises can quickly intervene at this time, it will be an opportunity for brand promotion

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