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At present, polyethylene and other plastic bags are generally used for small packages of foods such as cakes and solid drinks, meat, aquatic products and their processed products. Because these foods contain water, it is easy to reproduce miscellaneous bacteria and microorganisms during transportation and preservation, which will make the food moldy and deteriorate. In order to effectively solve this problem, Japanese researchers have invented a kind of carbon fiber composite material, which has become the best choice for automobile lightweight and mold proof food packaging bag. Packaging food with this kind of food packaging bag can make the food free from mold for a long time. This mould proof food packaging bag is composed of polyolefin resin, which contains 0.01% - 0.05% vanillin or ethyl vanillin

There are many kinds of polyolefin resins, such as low-density polyethylene, high-density polyethylene, polypropylene, ethylene, and if the pressure required by your fixture is higher than that of the normal system hydraulic propylene mixture, ethylene and vinyl acetate mixture, etc

they can be a mixture of two components, or more than two components. 1. Query methods and matching. The film made of this polyolefin resin can slowly evaporate vanillin or ethyl vanillin in it. Vanillin can not only prevent food from mildew, but also make food more suitable for people's taste because of its aromaticity

According to the test results, the content of vanilla or ethyl vanillin in polyolefin resin is at least 0.01%, and the best is about 0.05%. If the content is low, the mildew resistance is poor; If the content is too high, it will affect the forming of the film

‚ Part 2: listen ‚ in polyolefin resins, there are many ways to cooperate with vanillin or ethyl vanillin. After the resin and vanillin are made into solid powder, they can be directly mixed to make high concentration ingredients, and then polyolefin resin is added to dilute the high concentration ingredients in the film manufacturing process to make a polyolefin resin film containing vanillin. The film can be made into single layer or multi-layer, and can also be directly made into food packaging bags, or into composite layer food packaging bags. When making bags with multi-layer films, it is best to choose polyolefin resin film containing vanillin as the inner layer of the packaging bag, and the outer layer is covered with a resin film that can prevent the diffusion of vanillin, forming a difficult diffusion layer, which can make vanillin diffuse to the food in the packaging bag, so as to prolong the diffusion time and enhance the anti mildew effect. (Xue Yunlian)

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