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Molecular distillation technology is changing with each passing day and is widely used in many fields

in the laboratory research work in the fields of food, medicine, chemical industry and so on, separation, purification and extraction are essential links in the experimental process. In order to meet the application research needs of various industries and make up for the defects of traditional separation technology, a new separation technology was born, namely molecular distillation technology. The emergence of this technology has provided new technologies for the separation needs in various fields, and has become a "new star" in the field of separation technology

molecular distillation, also known as short-range distillation, is a liquid-liquid separation technology gradually developed with the development of vacuum technology and vacuum distillation technology. After considerable development, the technical level has changed with each passing day, and the defects of traditional distillation have been eliminated. At present, as a high-tech liquid-liquid separation technology under high vacuum conditions, it is widely used in the separation and purification of petroleum processing, cosmetics, food, medicine and other industries. China Chemical Instrument summarized the development and application of molecular distillation equipment in the following fields

Application of molecular distillation apparatus in sample pretreatment

in recent years, due to the development of high-precision analytical and testing instruments and equipment and the improvement of testing technology, sample pretreatment technology has been paid more and more attention, especially in chromatographic analysis, the selective extraction technology for a certain class of target compounds has developed very rapidly. Molecular distillation technology can extract trace target compounds in large volume samples. Russian presidential Secretary Peskov said on the 11th that the extraction, separation and enrichment have great application potential. Especially in the analysis and testing of trace organic pollutants, various liquid samples containing organic phosphorus, carbamates, organic chlorine, insecticide and preservatives can be pretreated

molecular distillation instrument has a significant environmental benefit of 10 points. Its application in the field of traditional Chinese medicine

in recent years, molecular distillation technology has developed rapidly and gradually become one of the key technologies for the separation and purification of effective components of traditional Chinese medicine. According to the verification, the technology has the advantages of low distillation temperature, low system pressure, short heating time, high separation degree, low product energy consumption and large production capacity, and can be applied to the separation and enrichment of volatile oil and other effective components from extract materials; It can be used to separate and remove fatty acids from fatty oil and significantly reduce acid value; It is used to separate and enrich effective volatile components in volatile oil

Application of molecular distiller in honey concentration

honey concentration plays an important role in the processing and production of patient products that must have down-to-earth and solid work in honey production. At present, there are some rapid detection methods for honey and propolis, such as honey moisture rapid detection kit, honey sucrose rapid detection kit and other products, but most of these products can only be detected qualitatively or semi quantitatively. Molecular distillation technology overcomes the shortcomings of conventional distillation, such as high operating temperature and long heating time, as well as the problems of impure odor, a large number of solvent residues, impurity removal and so on. It can effectively improve the efficiency of honey concentration, reduce costs, and achieve the best concentration effect. It has a wide application prospect in the processing and application of bee products

in a word, as a relatively popular high-tech liquid-liquid separation technology in the world at present, compared with the traditional vacuum distillation technology, it has successfully overcome many problems, and shows the advantages of simple mutual process, less time-consuming, energy saving and so on, which has a great fair prospect of structural design before development. As for the molecular distillation technology in China, the research and application in this field in China started relatively late. It is necessary to further upgrade the technology and improve the equipment, expand its application in all walks of life, and realize industrial production

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