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Application status and development trend of PC in expressway industry


for its (Intelligent Transportation System) in full swing at present By introducing the development status and structural characteristics of industrial control computer in detail, combined with the application and development trend in Highway Electromechanical Engineering, this paper aims to enable more owners and integrators to further understand industrial control products, so as to select more applicable and better used products, so that the use, maintenance and management of the system can play a greater role and create higher efficiency


industrial control computer, i.e. industrial control computer, is a general term for tools that adopt bus structure and must fully digest the detection and control of production process, electromechanical equipment and process equipment. It has important computer attributes and characteristics, such as computer CPU, hard disk, memory, peripherals and interfaces, real-time operating system, control network and protocol, computing power, and friendly man-machine interface.


in 1983, industrial computers were listed in the national computer series type spectrum and development plan. At present, the main categories of industrial computers in China include IPC (PC bus industrial computer for short), PLC (programmable control system), DCS (distributed control system), FCS (field bus system) and CNC (numerical control system). According to IDC statistics, the comparison of their respective market proportions in 2000 is shown in Table 1:

due to IPC (industrial PC) It can make full use of the progress of computer technology to facilitate updating. The software running is exactly the same as that of ordinary PC, which is convenient for software development and debugging. Therefore, it is the fastest developing and applying model at present. Other types of industrial computers have been applied in the early road toll collection system, but they are no longer used now

[IPC structure

ipc: industrial computer based on PC bus. According to IDC statistics in 2000, PC has accounted for more than 95% of general-purpose computers. Because of its low price, high quality, large output, rich software and hardware resources, it has been familiar and recognized by the majority of technicians, which is the basis of industrial computer fever. Its main components are industrial chassis, passive backplane and various board cards that can be inserted into it, such as CPU card, I/O card, etc 。 And adopt the design of all steel casing, machine card pressure strip filtration, double positive pressure fan and EMC (electro magnetic compatibility) technology to solve the problems of electromagnetic interference, vibration, dust, high/low temperature and so on in industrial sites, including highway sites

[ipc features

1) reliability: Industrial PC has the characteristics of rapid diagnosis and maintainability in dust, smoke, high/low temperature, humidity, vibration, corrosion, and its MTTR (mean time to repair) Generally, it is 5min, and the MTTF is more than 100000 hours, while the MTTF of ordinary PC is only 10000 ~ 15000 hours

2) real time. Industrial PC can detect and control the industrial production process in real time, respond quickly to the changes of working conditions, and timely collect and output adjustment. (watchdog function, which is not available in ordinary PC) self reset in case of distress to ensure the normal operation of the system

3) expansibility. Industrial PC adopts the structure of backplane + CPU card, so it has a strong function of how to maintain the input and output Jinan gold testing machine. It can expand up to 20 boards, and can be connected with various peripherals and boards on the industrial site, such as road controller, video monitoring system, vehicle detector, etc., to complete various tasks

4) compatibility, can simultaneously use ISA, PCI and PICMG resources, and support various operating systems, multi language assembly, and multi task operating systems

[introduction to manufacturers

at present, domestic industrial computer suppliers are mainly manufacturers from Taiwan and the mainland. A total of 1140 respondents from RadiSys, Rockwell and inte abroad participated in the interview survey. L and other products have been completely withdrawn from the domestic market due to high cost, high price and difficult service. With the domestic IT industry research and development, the continuous improvement of processing technology, and all kinds of chips, devices and production equipment can be purchased equally in the international market, The difference between time and price is limited, and the portability of software resources can save a lot of manpower and material resources, which is the reason for the rapid development of domestic general-purpose computer industry. Such as Lenovo computer, dawn server, etc. The current situation is also an opportunity for domestic industrial computer manufacturers. For example, Shenzhen Yanxiang industrial control is one of the excellent manufacturers emerging from the business opportunities. At present, the main industrial computer manufacturers in the domestic market include Advantech, Weida, Panyi, Volkswagen in Taiwan, Yanxiang, R & D, North China in the mainland, etc


1) toll system the toll system of expressway has generally experienced three periods: manual toll, computer toll, etc (Electronic Toll Collection). In the second period of the charging system, the industrial control computer was used. The main model used is a general-purpose standard host with a width of 19 ″ and a height of 4U. Its volume is large, Such as the ipc-810 of Yanxiang and the IPC-610 of Yanhua (the volume is 177 mm high x482 mm wide x452 mm deep. It can expand 4 PCI, 8 ISA, 2 pcisa cards and various peripherals at the same time, such as ticket reader and writer, toll keyboard, toll ticket printer, electric/manual railing machine, vehicle detector, vehicle type display, fee display, monitoring system and counter, alarm equipment, signal lamp, modem, etc. because the toll booth itself is small and bulky, and some resources are idle Therefore, industrial PC manufacturers launch industrial PC chassis with smaller volume (170mm high * 166mm wide * 395 mm deep) according to the market demand, such as Yanxiang ipc-6806 and Yanhua ipc6806, which not only greatly reduces the volume, but also further improves the utilization of resources. If the overall situation of the current industry is improved compared with the previous period, that is, in the period of computer charging, the application requirements of industrial computers tend to be more miniaturized, then in the period of etc, it will tend to be integrated and industrialized, and industrial computers, lane control and other equipment will be integrated. However, since there is no unified standard for etc in China at present, system integrators are all integrated and incompatible with each other, but if the relevant national departments can formulate relevant industry specifications as soon as possible After the interface standard, the national roads will be integrated into one, and the one card non-stop charging will finally truly realize "one card travels all over the world"

2) monitoring system: as one of the three major electromechanical projects of expressway, the monitoring system is an investment with large investment and no obvious direct economic effect in the short term

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