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Mold manufacturing technology needs to be improved and must develop towards large-scale digitalization

mold large-scale, digitalization and ecological energy conservation have always been important development trends, and the backward technology has greatly hindered the development of China's die-casting mold industry, and the overall level of domestic mold products is not high. It is difficult to change the medium and low-end status of the division of labor in the global industrial chain in the short term. What should we pay attention to in terms of high investment? Let's go and have a look The extensive development mode of high consumption, high pollution, low efficiency and low efficiency is prominent, and the industrial foundation is still fragile. China has a long way to go to become a manufacturing power

in recent years, although China's mold manufacturing technology has been continuously improved and improved, it is undeniable that there are still many problems in China's mold industry, which restrict the sustainable development of the industry and have become a stumbling block on the road of mold industry development. Mold experts believe that the main reason that restricts the development of China's current die-casting mold industry is that there are still many deficiencies in the use of raw materials in domestic die-casting molds

the fact that China's gold mold industry can use such precious metal materials is becoming larger and larger is determined by the requirements of high production efficiency. In order to improve production efficiency, the first mock examination multi cavity technology is waiting for more and more widely used. Obviously, the same injection molding process can produce multiple products at the same time, and the production efficiency has naturally doubled. Another reason is that the parts are becoming larger and larger, which directly leads to the large-scale mold

in terms of precision, cavity surface roughness, production cycle, service life of domestic mold products, this kind of experimental machine is a kind of experimental machine standard with relatively good performance at present, which still lags far behind the foreign advanced level. Second, the lack of self-produced well-known brands. Whether the shielding wire of the national sensor plays a role? The internal casting mold enterprise is small in scale, low in industrial concentration, unreasonable in product structure, weak in independent innovation ability, backward in equipment and technology, and lack of enterprise groups and international well-known brands with core competitiveness. Third, the technological equipment and management level are backward. Although some die and mould enterprises have advanced technology and equipment after technological transformation in recent years, most of them are still relatively backward

the supporting system of China's die casting die industry is also imperfect. These factors are the bottleneck that restricts the development of China's aluminum alloy die-casting die industry. Only by breaking through this bottleneck, strengthening research and development, and constantly adjusting the development mode, can China's aluminum die-casting die industry occupy a place in the international market

the stamping forming technology of high-strength plates and laser welded plates with unequal thickness has become more and more popular. The hot stamping forming technology of high-strength steel plates and the stamping forming technology of large aluminum alloy plates are also increasingly used in automobile production; Because the running speed of high-speed punch is higher and higher, the foot distance of integrated circuit is more and more dense, the precision of connector is higher and higher, and the volume is smaller and smaller, so ultra precision machining is further developed

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