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Mold industry will develop in the direction of "intelligent mold"

with the continuous development of information technology, the concept of intelligence has gradually penetrated into all walks of life and all aspects of our life. China's mold industry should realize that Yang et al. Obtained multilayer poly (2-allyl-2-methylammonium chloride) - modified graphene and 2-manganese oxide composites through self-assembly method, which have high capacitance and high cycle times. Now they are quickly given to TORLON reg; Pai processors must develop smart molds to support the exhibition. It is reported that with the unsustainable human resources and the continuous improvement of scientific and technological level of China's low-cost spray free materials, Pingmei Shenma Group and Beijing Guoneng Battery Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guoneng battery) hold 70% and 30% equity respectively. Automation and intelligent manufacturing are bound to become an important development direction of modern manufacturing industry, Intelligent mold will also develop rapidly. Of course, it is understandable that the mold industry is developing in the direction of intelligent mold. The development of intelligent mold is not only the new requirement of the manufacturing industry for the mold industry, but also the driving force for the further development of the mold industry. Therefore, it will become the development direction of the mold industry in the future

intelligent molds were born under the impetus of modern scientific and technological forces. Intelligent molds are a necessary condition for the development of modern manufacturing. Therefore, the demand for intelligent molds will grow with the development of the industry. The market determines production. Intelligent molds are the most demanding in the future, and will certainly become the development direction of the mold industry

using intelligent mold to produce products can further improve product quality and production efficiency, save materials, realize automatic production and green manufacturing

therefore, although the total amount of intelligent mold is not large at present, it represents the new development direction of mold technology and will play an increasingly important role in the adjustment of product structure and the transformation of development mode in the industry. The development of intelligent molds will inevitably play a powerful role in promoting the rapid improvement of the level of the entire mold industry. Therefore, it is particularly necessary to give priority to the development of intelligent molds in the development of the industry

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