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Mondi launched flat bottom plastic packaging bags

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core tip: Mondi launched a special alloy packaging bag for plastic high-end equipment that can be re covered after opening. The core elements of this product are its flat, stable bottom and round edges, improved stability and easy emptying, which is very suitable for packaging light food

[China Packaging News] Mondi launched a plastic packaging bag that can be closed again after opening. The core element of this product is its flat and stable bottom and round edge. Its stability has been improved and it is easy to empty. It is very suitable for packaging light food

the closure system of this bag can be divided into many types: top zipper, hook and loop closure or top sliding strip

mondi's packaging bags for Tetra Pak use an automatic access system with a cover on the top sliding strip

this composite ergonomic slide bar is developed by slide rite, which is compact and easy to use, and can be well covered to ensure that the packaging provides additional protection for the product and prevents contamination

mondi said that this provides 100% protection for built-in products and eliminates the possibility of pollution

at the same time, this plastic packaging bag is suitable for all traditional filling machines and has the best transportation and storage performance

the printable area of the surface and bottom is very large. Through elastic printing or gravure printing, it will become very attractive in design. The colors can reach up to 10 kinds of electronic universal experimental machines, which need to be preheated

Manfred Vette, head of Tetra Pak packaging engineering team, said: we have cooperated with Mondi for many years. 1. Product introduction of universal mechanical experimental machine for College Teaching: we have implemented many projects. Through Mondi, our ideas can be implemented quickly. Of course, the cost factor is also a key point of our long-term cooperative relationship with Mondi

this packaging is a very attractive solution, which can really help brand products show their best and immediately attract the attention of end consumers at the point of sale. Alfons Kruse, plant manager of Mondi Steinfeld, said that flat bottom packaging bags perfectly combine product introduction with core advantages such as special stability and product safety. The cooperation with tetra and presto slide rite can always produce very successful innovative packaging solutions. This project is a good example

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