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Kunpeng ecological Changhong Tiangong system application demonstration project officially landed in Mianyang

[China, Mianyang, December 18, 2019] today, at the signing ceremony of deepening strategic cooperation agreement and the conference of Kunpeng ecological Changhong Tiangong system application demonstration project held in Mianyang, Huawei signed cooperation agreements with Mianyang municipal government, Youxian District of Mianyang and Changhong company. This is another fruit of the continuous promotion of Kunpeng computing industry, marking the official completion of an innovative industrial base integrating technology, industry and ecology in Mianyang

deepening the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement

the landing of the Kunpeng ecological Changhong Tiangong system application demonstration project in Mianyang will comprehensively improve the information system level of smart government in China (Mianyang) science and technology city. In recent years, Mianyang has made great efforts to develop the software and information service industry. China (Mianyang) science and technology city has actively launched server, operating system, database, middleware and other IT infrastructure, taking the lead in establishing an innovative model in the field of smart government. Huawei and Changhong, combined with the industrial advantages of Mianyang, provide more technical support for Mianyang enterprises, drive the landing of IOT, 5g, UHD and Kunpeng industries, and inject innovative vitality into the high-quality development of Mianyang's digital economy

Hou Jinlong, senior vice president of Huawei and President of cloud AI products and services, delivered a speech.

Hou Jinlong, senior vice president of Huawei and President of cloud AI products and services, said: we will rely on the core ability of chips and drivers to generate pulse driven signal algorithms after receiving pulse signals, build a platform + ecological computing industry strategy, and become a black land for partners in various industries. Through open and cooperative industrial chains, Build Kunpeng into a solid base of digital economy. The successful launch of the Kunpeng ecological Changhong Tiangong system application demonstration project in China (Mianyang) science and technology city and the launch of Changhong Tiangong PC and server based on Kunpeng motherboard are major achievements of our joint innovation and new milestones in the development of Kunpeng ecology

Huawei adheres to the strategy of hardware openness, software open source and enabling partners to promote the better development of Kunpeng computing industry. Huawei focuses on the innovation of computing architecture, processor research and development, and Huawei cloud services, and provides external components such as Kunpeng motherboard, SSD, card, Atlas Series AI module and board card. It gives priority to support the joint use of water cooling. It should regularly inspect whether the cooling steel pipe has cracks and water leaks as a partner to develop servers, PCs and other computing products based on Kunpeng motherboard. As the first 64 core data center processor compatible with arm architecture in the industry, the consumption of Huawei Kun aluminum has risen to the second place. Peng 920 has the characteristics of high performance, high throughput, high integration, energy efficiency and so on, which can bring a smooth user experience in memory intensive scenes

Huawei Kunpeng motherboard is equipped with high-performance Kunpeng processor, which has the characteristics of high performance, high reliability, energy efficiency, openness and compatibility. Huawei supports its partners to quickly build hardware engineering capabilities, open the motherboard interface specifications and the equipment management specifications when clamping the jaws, provide the reference design guide of the whole machine and the compatibility list of software and hardware such as memory, hard disk, card and operating system, solve the basic ecological matching requirements of software and hardware, and enable partners to develop their own brand servers, desktops and other products

as a part of Kunpeng ecosystem, Changhong launched Changhong Tiangong PC and server based on Huawei Kunpeng motherboard, and worked with industrial partners and organizations to continuously enrich mature and commercially available basic software and application software, provide leading IT infrastructure and industry applications for all walks of life, and jointly create an open, cooperative and win-win Kunpeng computing industrial ecosystem

Zhao Yong, chairman of Changhong company, delivered a speech

Zhao Yong, chairman of Changhong company, said: with the enrichment of Changhong Tiangong series products, Kunpeng ecology will have an increasing influence in the whole market, and then attract more organizations and enterprises to join. Changhong will also play an increasingly important role in Kunpeng's life. We will strengthen cooperation with Huawei in computing, IOT, smart home, energy and other fields, and continue to make breakthroughs in software applications and hardware manufacturing with our partners

in the future, Changhong will give full play to its data and software capabilities to realize self adaptation of external devices and application software with Changhong Tiangong series PCs and servers through software. So far, for Kunpeng processors, Huawei has worked with partners to deeply optimize products and solutions, and has served customers in finance, operators, government, power, Internet and other industries. Industrial partners in many provinces and cities have established Kunpeng ecological base according to the advantages and characteristics of resources and technology in the region, created a resource highland and ecological highland with Kunpeng computing industry as the core, and made continuous progress in releasing the vitality of the mechanism, cultivating application talents, and expanding industrial alliances. With its leading technological advantages, Kunpeng ecology not only brings together the backbone of the industry, but also promotes the leapfrog development of the local digital economy

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