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In late August, Kunming Packaging Association organized five packaging enterprises in the city to visit, inspect and study three national packaging production enterprises of Zhejiang adier packaging group new GX RTF clearjet syringe company, Zhejiang Shengda packaging group company and Hangzhou COFCO Meite packaging container Co., Ltd., so as to promote the packaging enterprises in Kunming to change and update their concepts and seize the opportunity of western development, Strive to create the future

the three enterprises visited this time are three of the five packaging production bases of China Packaging Association. Everyone felt that this visit had a good effect and great harvest. Since the reform and opening up in Zhejiang Province, the policy is good and the concept is new. The provincial leaders are still professional after-sales repair manufacturers for such internal disassembly, and pay attention to technological transformation. Support the development of leading enterprises and provide supporting policies. These enterprises visited have made great efforts in technological transformation, and the imported high-tech equipment has been digested and absorbed, and the maintenance is in place, so they can produce first-class products. These enterprises have a strong sense of leadership and dedication, and have few selfish thoughts. They wholeheartedly lead the enterprises to develop and grow in the market competition. Through this inspection, we feel that we have found our own gaps and shortcomings. In the future, we should update our concepts, and the selected energy level should be different from the pendulum used in equipment application. We should seize the opportunity to strive to create a better future for packaging in southern province

state that the company will promote the construction of phase 2 of the project in 2016:

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