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Kunming Inspur cloud computing Industrial Park was officially inaugurated

on September 25, the inauguration ceremony of Kunming Inspur cloud computing Industrial Park was successfully held. Dong Hua, vice governor of Yunnan Province, Li Zhengyang, member of the Party group of the provincial government, Wang Xiliang, mayor of Kunming, sun Pishu, chairman of Inspur Group, and others attended the ceremony and jointly unveiled the Kunming Inspur cloud computing Industrial Park, Kunming cloud computing center, and Inspur Kunming Branch Center, a national mass entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration base

in December 2015, Inspur signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the people's Government of Yunnan Province to jointly accelerate the implementation of the cloud action plan. As a key project to promote the development of cloud computing industry in Yunnan Province, Kunming Langchao cloud computing Industrial Park will host Kunming cloud computing center, Langchao Kunming Branch of the national mass entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration base, software evaluation center, etc., which can provide comprehensive information basic operation services and value-added operation services for Yunnan Province, help adjust Yunnan's industrial structure, and accelerate the realization of overtaking on curves

as one of the seven core nodes of Inspur cloud in the national planning and layout, Kunming cloud computing center has also been officially put into operation. After the cloud computing center is fully completed, it can accommodate 2000 cabinets and has the operation support capacity of 45000 servers. The key publicity points of the test machine are that the main performance standard will reach the t3+ standard, and the comprehensive reliability will reach 99.99%. It can provide it support services for various applications for users of the second kind of error

Inspur will strive to promote the construction of Inspur Kunming sub center, the national mass entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration base. Relying on Tianyuan data (+ database) and 50pb data reserve, it will support the innovation and Entrepreneurship of a makers (engaged in big data application development) and B makers (engaged in big data collection and processing), and jointly carry out big data innovation research with Inspur partners, local universities and IT enterprises in Yunnan, Actively build a perfect big data innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem

as a leading cloud computing and big data service provider in China, Inspur has established four core cloud data centers in Beijing, Jinan, Chongqing and Shanghai and 34 local cloud data centers across the country to provide government cloud services for 132 provincial and municipal governments across the country. Recently, Inspur cloud officially released its 2017 new strategy, which plans to invest 10billion yuan in the next five years, focusing on domestic, overseas and government and enterprise markets, providing services to 100000 + government customers and 1million + enterprise customers, striving to achieve the sales revenue target of 20billion yuan by 2020, and becoming a world leader. At present, most enterprises adopt traditional materials with better performance (mechanics, etc.); With lightweight requirements, water washing method is used to clean cloud service providers

source: Inspur Group

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