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Kunlun lubrication military quality protection "world first"

Kunlun lubrication military quality protection "world first"

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August 13-15, 2020, PetroChina lubricants Co., Ltd. participated in the world's first UHV converter side AC 500kV true bushing elevated seat simulated discharge and pressure relief test completed by the Ministry of electricity and UHV at Suzhou Electric Research Institute. Nearly 100 people from relevant units in China, major transformer manufacturers in China and experts and scholars in related fields witnessed the arc discharge test and discussed the test technology

Kunlun lubrication is the only designated transformer oil brand in the UHV field, providing test oil for this test, ensuring the smooth progress of this test with excellent product quality, giving full play to the role and responsibility of state-owned enterprises, and providing strong support for the innovation and development of China's power technology

military quality helps power technology innovation

safety is the constant theme of the wide use of pressure changing plastics in household appliances. The "AC 500kV real bushing raised seat simulated arc discharge test" conducted on the high current and high explosion energy arc discharge test platform of Suzhou Electric Power Research Institute successfully completed all scheduled test projects, of which the maximum arc energy is 20 MJ and the instantaneous maximum power is about 300000 kW. This is a major innovation in China's power development and the first time in the history of transformer development in the world

this test accurately tested the transient transmission process of various parameters of arc discharge in the oil in the lifting seat, and obtained the evolution characteristics of characteristic parameters such as pressure, temperature and strain in the lifting seat. This test fills the gap in the research on the disaster process caused by the explosion of the raised seat on the side of UHV converter transformer under fault current, innovates the test method of high current and high deflagration energy, and expands a new direction for the theoretical research of arc deflagration under high current of transformer. After that, the arc discharge and deflagration fault in the transformer will change from simulation calculation to real-world test, which can reproduce the real scene of each discharge and deflagration in the transformer, and test and verify every design detail of the transformer, so as to reduce the risk of stress change on the test sample of the combustion and explosion wind of the transformer

Kunlun lubrication participated in and witnessed this great historical moment, which focused on the technical strength and product quality of Kunlun lubrication, and further expanded the cooperation results. Kunlun lubrication will also continue to implement the mission of state-owned enterprises, provide reference for the later research and development direction of transformer oil according to the experimental data, strive to reduce the possibility of transformer deflagration, and better ensure the safe and smooth operation of transformers, The quality of military industry provides lubrication guarantee for the country's important products

in the interview, Lu Licheng, the grand prize winner of the national science and Technology Progress Award and professor level senior engineer of the Ministry of extra high pressure, said: "in the test project, we have carried out multiple batches of cooperation with Kunlun lubrication, and obtained the positive cooperation of Kunlun lubrication, which strongly supports the smooth progress of the test, and we will have more in-depth cooperation in the later stage."

independent research and development escort UHV transmission

UHV transmission is the "aorta" to ensure energy security, and transformer is one of the core components of UHV power transmission project. Transformer oil flows between various components in the transformer, which can play the role of insulation, cooling, information carrier and arc extinguishing, so as to ensure the safe and stable operation of the transformer

Kunlun lubricating transformer oil is made from Xinjiang Karamay low pour point, low aromatic and low sulfur cycloalkyl crude oil, which is recognized as the best in the world, and adopts advanced processing technology. The product integrates the parameters of "electrical performance, oxidation resistance, ionization solubility, and gas evolution resistance", regardless of product quality, production technology, supply capacity The market share and reputation of the products are in the absolute leading position in China. It is the only Lubricant product in the domestic lubricant industry that has completely independent technology, all localization, and large-scale export overseas

in 2011, Kunlun lubrication's "development and application of naphthenic lubricating oil series" won the first prize of the national science and technology progress award, meeting the lubrication needs of ultra-high pressure high-end equipment. Kunlun lubricating transformer oil has successively become the only designated oil for many world-class projects such as "Xiangjiaba Shanghai", "Changji Guquan", "Zhangbei Rouzhi". At present, Kunlun lubrication has undertaken the oil guarantee task of only 25 commercial UHV transmission projects in the world

UHV construction project is one of the new national infrastructure projects. The emergence of UHV transmission technology has made "electricity instead of coal, electricity instead of oil, electricity from afar, and clean electricity" the new normal of China's energy and power development. Kunlun lubrication will always adhere to the brand concept of "military quality is a great power and heavy weapon", ensure the national power transmission with high-quality products, help the national new infrastructure projects, and protect the green mountains and green waters

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