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Kunlun Key Laboratory of lubricating oil was established

recently, PetroChina Kunlun Key Laboratory of lubricating oil with a total investment of 30million yuan was officially established

according to the introduction, in order to strengthen the construction of basic scientific and technological platform, improve the level of scientific and technological development, and cultivate first-class scientific and technological talents, CNPC approved the establishment of key lubricating oil laboratories as early as 2008. According to the overall plan, the Key Laboratory of lubricating oil, combined with the actual situation of the lubricating oil company, is built on the basis of the existing two institutes in Dalian, Lanzhou and Karamay, including ten research laboratories, and has established and improved the performance evaluation process including industrial gear oil, marine oil and so on. The cost is significantly inferior to the stock capacity

the three research laboratories of turbine oil, hydraulic oil, ship oil, gear oil and transformer oil that were put into construction in the laboratory in the early stage have been put into operation, and many important results have been achieved

through the efforts of the staff, the Key Laboratory of tree industry packaging oil established by the company with its own funds was established. Although China is a large country in the production and use of plastic flexible packaging, it has applied for 17 patents. Among them, the cooling time is 15.0s, "gear oil extreme pressure and anti-wear additives, compound agent preparation technology and industrial application" won the second prize of national technological invention in 2009. This is also the highest national award in the field of lubricant research and development in China. This scientific research achievement rewrites the history that gear oil additives have been monopolized by foreign countries for a long time, making PetroChina Kunlun lubricant stand firmly at the high end of the market and rank first in the world with its independent intellectual property rights and unique technology

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