The hottest Kunshan bus group visited Yili Technol

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Kunshan bus group visited Yili technology

Kunshan bus group visited Yili technology

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"Your products are really good, and the service is also of high standard, which has helped us solve many practical difficulties. On behalf of all bus drivers and repair technicians of the group company, I would like to thank you! Especially your after-sales service engineer Xu Feng, who is technically professional, experienced and efficient!" This is what the author saw in Suzhou Yili locomotive Technology Co., Ltd

on August 31, a group of people from the repair branch of Kunshan bus group came to Suzhou Yili locomotive Technology Co., Ltd. and sent two brocade flags: one side was embroidered with the words "customer first, attentive service; leading technology, being realistic and pragmatic", which was given to Yili technology. The words "timely, fast and efficient; sincere, honest and sincere" embroidered on the other side are presented to Xu Feng, after-sales service engineer of Yili technology

Suzhou Yili locomotive Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise committed to the research, development and application of energy-saving and optimization technology of commercial vehicle power system. In winter, the hydraulic oil industry with low viscosity should be used. On April 21, 2016, it successfully landed on the new third board, becoming the first share of intelligent cooling of commercial vehicle power system. The engine intelligent cooling system ATS, the core product of Yili technology, is originally created by the enterprise and derived from the drive motor cooling system. It has the great advantage of leading domestic technology and is widely used in new energy passenger cars. While paying attention to technological innovation and product upgrading, Yili technology also pays attention to after-sales service, which is especially suitable for the construction and improvement of business systems with hydrocarbon fire characteristics, such as petrochemical, oil and offshore platforms. It is reported that Yili technology has a three-tier after-sales service system composed of after-sales service headquarters, regional after-sales service centers and special after-sales service stations; For minor faults that customers can repair by themselves, communicate with customers within 4 hours and guide them to solve. For the fault that the customer can repair by himself after confirming that the equipment has been connected to the power supply line, but the company needs to provide accessories, express the relevant accessories within 8 hours. For faults that need professional maintenance personnel to solve, arrange relevant service personnel to the site within 12 hours. Yili technology's after-sales service has won unanimous praise from customers including Kunshan bus

as a regional leading enterprise, Kunshan Public Transport Group Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in urban public transport, factory package transfer, school bus service, automobile maintenance and other businesses, and has always been the key service customers of Yili technology. The repair branch of Kunshan bus group was established in February 2012 and is responsible for the after-sales service of Kunshan bus vehicles. At present, Kunshan Bus Group repair branch has become the only class I vehicle maintenance qualification unit in Kunshan automobile maintenance market, which integrates the comprehensive maintenance of passenger cars, trucks and passenger cars and also sells auto parts, with great influence and popularity. Yili technology has always maintained close cooperation with Kunshan bus group and repair branch in the promotion and application of new energy bus technology, vehicle maintenance and personnel training

"customers send us brocade flags, which is both recognition and encouragement for our work. In our future work, we will continue to adhere to the concept of" customer first, attentive service ", make persistent efforts, and continue the" applause "of customers with professional, efficient, sincere and sincere actions." Jin, manager of after-sales service department of Yili technology, said to in an interview

after a brief flag ceremony, Kunshan bus repair branch and his delegation visited Yili technology factory. The two sides also exchanged views on some other ways to increase the volume or windward cross-sectional area of the test piece without restrictions in the experiment. Manager Jin of after-sales service department of Yili technology, manager Zhu of customer reception department, manager Zhuang of production department and manager Huang of Suzhou regional sales manager participated in the above activities

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