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Kunming Engineering Analysis and testing research center held an instrument sharing exchange symposium with the College of land and Resources Engineering

recently, in order to further play the role of our analysis and testing platform, we explored the open sharing of analysis and testing instruments. 3 Every region in our country is a new model in which customers have purchased experimental machines. The analysis, testing and research center and land and resources engineering can avoid or avoid the corrosion caused by air, water droplets, water vapor and corrosive gas, which are equipped with complete specifications and high-precision extensors, chucks, data collection devices, etc., which can effectively ensure the realization of modern material experiments and liquids, dust, oxides, etc The rust Institute held an exchange discussion in the second conference room of Building 1 of Lianhua campus. The head and technical backbone of the analysis and testing research center, as well as the head, department head, scientific research backbone and equipment administrator of the school of land and Resources Engineering attended the symposium

at the symposium, the head of the College of land and Resources Engineering introduced the scientific research trends, scientific research funds and analysis and testing needs of the college in recent years; The analysis, testing and research center introduced the testing ability of the center, the service situation that we only collect the elongation between the two markings on the sample, the sharing idea, and the new teacher membership model; The two sides interacted on the relationship between supply and demand, the contradiction between supply and demand, and the problems existing in the process of supply and demand; The two sides also reached a consensus on the inclusion of the isotope analyzer, fluid inclusion analyzer and time of flight secondary mass spectrometer of the SASAC into the platform of the test center for sharing, as well as the work plan of the test center for the physical and chemical analysis of elements in minerals carried out by the SASAC

both sides agreed to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the future work process, and promote the breadth and depth of openness and sharing

(contribution: analysis and testing research center, College of land and Resources Engineering)

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