The hottest glass season is coming to an end, and

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The glass peak season is approaching the end, and the overall trend of the glass spot market is stable. The volume of the production enterprise must be sealed during the work process, but it is not suitable for places with heavy loads! Spiral screw rod, also known as trapezoidal screw rod, shows signs of slight slowdown, and the market quotation is stable with little fluctuation. The subsequent orders of downstream processing enterprises have gradually decreased, and processing enterprises in some regions have begun to stop work for rectification due to the impact of environmental protection supervision. The haze weather in northern China also has a certain impact on road transportation

from the regional perspective, the market quotation in South China, East China and central China has increased since the weekend, and the market atmosphere is acceptable; The sheet glass of some manufacturers in Shahe area increased slightly. Today, he pointed out that the quotation of some factories in southwest and Northwest China had a slight correction, which was mainly caused by factors such as increased sales and payment collection at the end of the month

the overall market trend in East and South China is good, the production and sales of production enterprises are basically normal, and the market quotation is mainly stable. Since the weekend, the market price has increased slightly, mainly due to the limited production capacity of some production enterprises, but also to lay a good foundation for later prices. At present, towards the end of the year, production enterprises are facing considerations such as clearing inventory and withdrawing funds. Judging from the demand orders of downstream processing enterprises, it has been nearly stable recently, flat or slightly reduced month on month

the market trend in North China is general, the production and sales of production enterprises have slowed down slightly, and the market price is mainly stable. The overall delivery of Shahe area is acceptable, and the delivery of thin glass is better than that of thick glass. In the past two days, due to road restrictions and haze weather, the number of exports has decreased. Some local processing enterprises stopped production for rectification due to environmental exposure, and also reduced a certain number of glass purchases. The overall inventory of production enterprises in Shahe area is relatively low, and there is no pressure for the time being. The production and sales of production enterprises in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region are general, and the product quotations of some manufacturers increased slightly. The inflow of glass in Northeast China increased

today, the overall trend of the southwest market is general, and the production and sales of production enterprises show signs of slowing down. After some factories' electronic pressure testing machines enter the computer program, the preferential margin of opening the revision interface increases. On the whole, the inventory of production enterprises is at a relatively low level. The overall trend of Northeast China is general, the inventory of production enterprises is basically normal, and the market price is stable. In the early stage, after some manufacturers increased the quotation of winter storage, no other enterprises followed up, and traders were not active in purchasing. The overall trend of the Northwest market is weak, the inventory of production enterprises continues to increase, and some manufacturers have increased incentives. The winter storage policy and price of production enterprises have not been introduced, and the shutdown rate of processing enterprises has increased

recently, glass production enterprises are still trying to improve the market quotation under the influence of external factors such as the increase of environmental protection supervision and the high price of soda ash. From the perspective of demand, it is now in the end. The number of orders undertaken by some processing enterprises has decreased, and traders are more cautious in purchasing. Due to the low inventory of production enterprises, good economic benefits and relatively loose working capital since this year, there is little downward pressure on prices in the short term

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