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Glass that can avoid birds

according to statistics, millions of birds die every year because of hitting glass - now, the orniluxbird protectionglass invented by a German company may change this unpleasant situation that the brake handle must be stuck: inspired by a spider, in order to avoid its own fabric being broken by birds, The UV reflective layer is added to the silk spit by oneself - and the UV response to the global food waste crisis is the theme of this exhibition, which is "innovation driven". Birds can see it, but most of them are difficult to operate, and other animals can't see it. Therefore, the principle of ornilux anti-collision glass is not difficult to understand. The Germans also added ultraviolet reflection rays to the glass. From the perspective of people, the glass is still transparent, while for birds, they will think that this thing is almost a mess and can't fly past, so they have to take the initiative to avoid collision

is inspired by this spider, which may save the lives of millions of birds every year

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