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Thin glass substrate technology has formed a market scale of 600million

among consumer IT products using TFT-LCD, OLED or other flat panel display technologies, light and thin are the two main core competitive factors. In order to achieve the demand of light and thin, it is widely used to reduce the thickness of the glass substrate of the product, so as to reduce the thickness and weight at the same time, so as to correspond to the market competition

in order to make flat display products lighter and thinner, thinning the thickness of glass substrate is the most effective way to reduce weight. However, at present, the process of thinning the thickness of glass substrate is more difficult, mainly because even though the requirements of TFT for plastic are mainly two points: after the smooth thinning technology in the cell stage, the thinning process of the rear module is more difficult. Therefore, after the cell manufacturing stage is completed, the technology of thinning the glass substrate by chemical and physical methods is quite important. This process is also referred to as glass slimming

glass slimming industry requires the cooperation of chemical materials and processing technology. After the completion of TFT and color filter processes, glass slimming can be achieved through etching or polishing by physical methods. At present, the method of reducing thickness by etching is widely used

based on 2012, the annual market size of glass slimming exceeded US $600million, and increased year by year. It is expected to reach a market size of more than US $1billion by 2014

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