The hottest glass showed a breaking trend in the d

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Glass positions fell, showing a breaking trend

view summary: the consolidation of the glass spot market marks that Dow Chemical's sustainable development strategy has entered the third stage, and the body is stable, with some enterprises raising their quotations slightly; The market trend in North China remained stable, and the outbound volume in Shahe region increased, mainly due to the increase in the number of export sales, while the sales volume in Beijing, Tianjin and other regions was normal. The market trend in East China is mainly stable. Affected by the reduction of inventory, glass prices continue to rise, and most of them remain stable. The spot price in South China is mainly stable, the delivery of production enterprises is acceptable, and the distribution channels and the picking up of glass processing enterprises are normal. The spot performance of Southwest China is general, and the market demand is acceptable. Due to the more glass entry in Central China and other regions, the pressure on production and sales of enterprises in this region increases due to their involvement in the industry. Glass experimental equipment: zcw-w sealant tensile testing machine glass 1401 contract reduced its position downward, and the futures price fell further after falling below 1320, which is expected to show a weak consolidation trend. It is suggested that the National Day holiday is approaching, short and short trading within the day, and it is recommended to light positions for the holiday. The content of this article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors are committed to providing solutions for various medical device products used in hospitals, doctors, dentistry and household fields. This operation is at their own risk

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