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Glass self explosion incidents are frequent, and the quality inspection of glass has become a concern.

for the current hidden danger of glass explosion, legal professionals believe that if citizens want to investigate the developers, they need to find their own testing institutions to prove that the glass has quality problems and that the developers are at fault. Otherwise, after the warranty period, it is difficult for the owner to investigate the developer. Even if the lawsuit is finally won, it is only possible to obtain the corresponding compensation for replacing the glass or replacing the glass, and it is difficult to obtain spiritual compensation

on the 7th, the aii2 edition of Guangzhou Daily "glass frequency" self explosion "residents panic" reported that nearly one tenth of the glass in the third phase of Dongfeng Plaza "self explosion" in the year, which attracted great attention of the public. The relevant person from the construction department told this newspaper that the quality inspection of glass is included in the civil acceptance, and individual sampling inspection can only be carried out according to the batch. Yesterday, I visited Dongfeng Square again, hoping to check the relevant acceptance report when the developer delivered the building, but the developer avoided it

glass factory: the certificate "can only guarantee that the glass is tempered"

worried about the safety hazards caused by the burst glass, Mr. Xue quickly contacted the door and window merchants to replace the glass. "The merchant said that the original glass was 6mm tempered glass, which was replaced according to the original specification." Mr. Xue said to. It was found that the new glass of Mr. Xue's house still did not have the "3C" mark, and even the manufacturer's tempering mark could not be found. "In the cooperation with HP

yesterday, when I took the cracked glass fragments of Mr. Xue's home to several door and window stores for consultation, I learned that the cracked glass was" 8mm f green tempered glass ". The retail price of the door and window store was about 150 yuan/square meter, and the price of 6mm tempered glass per square meter was about 25 yuan lower. "I didn't expect another problem when I changed the glass." Mr. Xue was very angry

as for 3C and toughening marks of toughened glass, the owner of a door and window shop pointed to a dozen pieces of glass beside the wall and said, "these are toughened glass just taken back from the manufacturer, and there are no marks. If you want to mark, the glass factory can also print them." As for the inspection certificate, the boss said that the glass factory can provide it, "but the certificate can only ensure that the glass is tempered, not cracked."

yesterday, a glass manufacturer in Guangzhou even revealed to this newspaper: "3C marks can be printed if the other party wants, frosted and ink can be printed, but the price per square meter should be increased by 10 yuan." The person said that because the order volume of builders is often tens of thousands of square meters, the "printing fee" is very considerable, "if you can save it, you can save it"

developer: it takes time to check the relevant qualification report

the developer of Dongfeng Plaza is Guangzhou Lixing Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., which is subordinate to Hong Kong Lifeng Holding Co., Ltd. Through different subsidiaries, Lifeng Holdings has developed a number of post tensioned prestressed system acceptance proposals FIP – 93 properties in Guangzhou, including Mayflower Commercial Plaza, Dongshan jingshibai, Royal sands, etc

yesterday, I came to the headquarters of Lixing Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. in Dongfeng Square, hoping that Dongfeng Square could issue the completion comprehensive acceptance report provided at the time of delivery, and further understand the situation from the person in charge of the third phase development of Dongfeng Square

after the relevant person in charge of the property management company arrived at the scene, he said that he had contacted the person in charge of the developer. However, due to the long time lag, it took time to collect data. "I can't reply today, and I have to wait until Monday at the earliest."

construction department: glass is sampled by batch during completion acceptance

will glass also be inspected during completion acceptance? The relevant person in charge of the construction department was consulted. It revealed that the quality inspection of glass is included in the civil acceptance. After completion, the construction unit will propose the acceptance, and then the quality supervision station of the relevant district or city will conduct the acceptance. "For glass, not every piece of glass will be inspected. It is certain that individual sampling inspection can only be carried out according to the batch. Only when it is qualified can it be issued." At the same time, he said that at that time, only $30million was reached to sell the property and get the property certificate. He must have obtained the completion acceptance certificate. If there are problems within the warranty period, the developer must be responsible for maintenance. However, the specific content of glass inspection at that time was difficult to query in a short time due to the long time

a lawyer who has been in contact with real estate projects for a long time bluntly said that the so-called completion acceptance generally focuses on the main structure, and most of the time, the glass is checked by the developer, so there is no need to submit it for inspection

self explosion of tempered glass "cancer" occurs frequently

for the sake of beauty and reducing the self weight of buildings, more and more high-rise buildings adopt the glass curtain wall made of tempered glass as the external facade, while in the design of residential quarters, many developers take "large-area floor windows, large-area floating windows" as the selling point, and use tempered glass to fill most of the walls. Toughened glass is more and more widely used in buildings. With a large base, the inevitable small probability event of "self explosion" of tempered glass is becoming more and more common, which is helplessly called "glass curtain wall cancer" by insiders

in August 2011, the glass curtain wall of the "capital of the sky" building in Xinjiekou, Nanjing fell from the sky twice in four days

in December 2011, the glass curtain wall in the southeast of the business center on the 6th floor of Nanjing Zifeng building exploded

in July 2012, Ms. Tan, a resident on the 27th floor of Zhonghai LANWAN, Panyu District, Guangzhou, burst and fell downstairs on the glass wall of one of the bedrooms, forming a 90 × A big hole of 60 cm

in August 2012, the glass curtain wall of the universal center in downtown Ningbo exploded, and many pieces of glass fell from a height of more than 30 floors. This is the third time that the glass curtain wall of the building has exploded and fallen since October of the previous year and July of last year

lawyer said: the owner needs to prove his own rights.

"if the glass bursts and falls to hurt people, whether the owner is at fault or not, he must bear it." Yesterday, he Rongxin, a lawyer from Guangdong Jingwei global law firm, told that there was a danger of glass fragmentation, and the owner had the obligation to replace it in time

as for the owner's concern about whether the developer can be investigated, lawyer he Rongxin said that unless the owner can prove that the glass has serious quality problems and the developer is at fault, it is difficult for the owner to investigate the developer after the warranty period

"if the self explosion of glass is a common problem, the owners' committee can intervene and apply for a public maintenance fund to replace the glass. If there is no establishment committee, more than 2/3 of the owners need to sign and designate a representative to apply."

Lawyer Wang Xinliang of Guangdong Shenglun law firm said, "glass belongs to the items that developers build or purchase in the early stage. There are quality problems in building decoration materials, but the details depend on the contract. Generally, developers are only responsible for the warranty period." However, he believes that due to the high incidence of glass self explosion in the community, there may indeed be quality problems, and owners can negotiate with developers to safeguard their rights. "However, if the owner wants to investigate the developer, he needs to apply for the relevant appraisal institution to carry out some tests on the quality of the glass, so as to form basic evidence to prove that the glass itself has quality problems. The expenses caused in this regard can be claimed from the developer at the time of prosecution."

quality acceptance, glass is not a mandatory inspection item

it is reported that the construction quality acceptance of building projects is generally organized by the construction unit. On the basis of the self-evaluation of the construction unit, the participating construction units work together with the inspection lot, sub item, sub item, unit, and also thoroughly study the requirements of the general book to speed up the formation of all elements, multi fields The high-efficiency military civilian integration in-depth development pattern instigates the quality of spiritual engineering to be retested

the relevant person from the construction safety and quality supervision department told that the installation of door and window glass, as a sub item of decoration, should be accepted according to the inspection batch, but the glass itself is not a necessary inspection item. "For example, glass and door locks themselves have product certificates. Only when they suspect or report that glass is a fake or inferior product, will they be sampled."

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