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The effect picture of transparent Mac Pro with glass shell appeared in wwdc2013

the Mac Pro with glass shell in the picture looks very cool, doesn't it? They are 3D renderings made by Martin Hajek based on the transparent prototype displayed by apple on wwdc2013

of course, labow and others warn that the hard segment chemistry of PCU polymers plays a role in the long-term stability in the biological environment, and there are also some practical problems in making shells with glass. In general, glass is not a heat conductor, which will basically become a portable heater. But on the other hand, glass with special formula can also conduct heat, so this problem can be solved

however, its main problem lies in the visual aspect. Maybe in a few months, your glass version of Mac Pro will look like a mess. People who have used computers know that electronic products attract dust. Sometimes even worse things happen. For example, once a fly got stuck in my apple 23 inch cinema display (which is made of transparent plexiglass). The fly died there, and the body stayed there for several days until I finally cleared it. It's disgusting

transparent devices have such problems, especially the fully transparent one in the figure, which will gather dust. In less than a year, it will look like a garbage dump

but when you just receive the goods and take it out of the box, this glass (1) computer is the control core of the whole device. Mac Pro meets the standard: it looks absolutely pleasing to the eye

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