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In recent years, many scenic spots have built glass plank roads and glass suspension bridges. Now, another glass suspension bridge has been built in Rong County, adjacent to Wuzhou, Guangxi, which is the white crane Yundu bridge located in Duqiao mountain scenic spot in Rong County. At present, the glass on the deck of the glass suspension bridge has been paved, and the finishing work is under way. It is expected to open before the Spring Festival

the white crane Yundu bridge spans the recorded data between the two mountains. It is a transparent and transparent pedestrian sightseeing suspension bridge that makes the experiment more automated. The bridge is 330.75 meters long and 2 meters wide, with a vertical ground height of 100 meters. It is said to be the second longest glass suspension bridge in China, with the largest span and the highest height in South China

walking into Duqiao mountain scenic spot, you can see the white crane Yundu bridge is magnificent. Its structural form is an elevated cable bridge, which is composed of bridge cable surface, sidewalk slab, tempered glass, etc. It can be seen on the bridge that the bridge deck is connected by many square glasses, and each square is composed of three layers of tempered glass; There are metal guardrails on both sides of the bridge deck. Even so, walking on the 100 meter high transparent glass bridge, looking through the valley with plastic instead of steel, I can't help but be frightened

however, the scenery under your feet is very wonderful. You can see Danxia, strange stones and caves at a glance. You can't help but sigh at the uncanny workmanship of nature and the great versatility of human engineering

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