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"Made in Henan" glass substrates are offline, and domestic LCD products usher in an inflection point

behind the "screen making movement", it reflects the huge domestic market demand. After the localization of large quantities of glass substrates, domestic liquid crystal products have a decrease of at least 5% to 10% every year

the glass substrate "made in Henan" is like a warm wind

on March 21, with the official sales of the leading batch of 3000 glass substrates independently developed by Zhengzhou Xufei Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhengzhou Xufei photoelectric), the situation that China's glass [7.140.56%] substrate products have been imported for a long time was broken

it is understood that due to industrial technology constraints, China failed to produce a LCD screen before this, which not only created opportunities for the domestic market, but also left enterprises with opportunities for independent research and development

in 2009, the construction of domestic liquid crystal glass substrate production line started, and Xufei optoelectronics settled in Zhengzhou under this background. In just over a year, Zhengzhou Xufei optoelectronics successfully completed the "triple jump"

"although the number of leading batches is small, Xufei optoelectronics has created a miracle in the development of the LCD industry after all, which also shows that our core technology and sales experience of glass substrates are fully mature." Said Li Zhaoting, chairman of Zhengzhou Xufei Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd

undoubtedly, this so-called "screen making movement" reflects the huge domestic market demand

it also has the functions of automatic algorithm generation and automatic experiment report; It greatly facilitates the debugging and system redevelopment ability. "For consumers, the biggest advantage brought by the offline production of Zhengzhou Xufei photoelectric glass substrates is that after the localization of large quantities of glass substrates, domestic LCD products will be reduced by at least 5% - 10% every year." Wang Zhonghe, a brand electronic products seller in Henan, said

"R & D + manufacturing" mode

in June 2009, Zhengzhou Xufei photoelectric liquid crystal glass substrate project was officially started in Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone

"when Xufei optoelectronics was selected to settle in Henan, it was their excellent wealth and perfect production and utilization. The color sense of this printing material is not inferior to that of the colored sandstone industry chain. Through research and development and manufacturing, it can break the foreign monopoly and realize the localization of glass substrates." Said Maolin, the relevant person in charge of Zhengzhou Investment Holding Co., Ltd

according to the relevant plan, at that time, Zhengzhou Investment Holding Co., Ltd., as a joint investment enterprise of Zhengzhou Xufei optoelectronics, was worth a lot. At the same time, as one of the key projects implemented by Henan Province, the glass substrate project has also successfully become a benchmark enterprise for the transformation of new display and color TV industry in Henan Province

"the construction of Zhengzhou Xufei photoelectric liquid crystal glass substrate project is at the right time. Its purpose is to improve China's liquid crystal display industry chain and promote China's flat panel display industry to a higher level." Mao Lin said that this has important strategic significance for the adjustment, optimization and upgrading of industrial structure in Henan Province

however, as the main upstream material of liquid crystal panel display, the industrial characteristics of liquid crystal glass substrate is a typical capital and technology intensive industry, which has obvious scale effect, and the entry and exit thresholds are high, which has become the main reason why the glass substrate industry relies on imports for many years

looking at the short history of Zhengzhou Xufei optoelectronics, from the construction of the plant in June 2009 to the ignition and production of leading production lines in May 2010, and then to the official sales of 3000 glass substrates in March this year, Zhengzhou Xufei optoelectronics successfully completed the "triple jump" in less than two years

according to Li Zhaoting, Zhengzhou Xufei optoelectronics has started the construction of the "461 project" at the beginning of this year, that is, four production lines and six production lines will be put into operation by the end of this year. At the same time, a park with 20 production lines will be planned in combination with the Foxconn project to start the independent research and development of the sixth generation liquid crystal glass substrate

there is still a gap with Corning

at present, although the development of LCD industry has become the most leading trend in the electronic information industry

"however, the global liquid crystal glass substrate industry is still controlled by four major manufacturers, including Corning in the United States, Asahi nitrate, electric nitrate and nitrate in Japan. Corning, which has the patent right of melting process, accounts for more than 50% of the global market share." Li Zhaoting said

Li Zhaoting further explained that enterprises all over China have taken the lead in providing more professional and thoughtful services to the experimental machine industry. However, compared with Corning, a veteran manufacturer in this field, most enterprises are not only about 5 years behind in the algebra of glass substrate production lines, but also have a big gap in technology even for glass substrate production lines of the same size

of course, after Zhengzhou Xufei optoelectronics launched the "461 incremental warehouse expansion projects", the annual glass substrate production line will reach 780000 square meters, "although it does not pose a threat to Corning, it is not a small amount in China." Mao Lin said

however, according to the insiders of Zhengzhou Xufei optoelectronics, the yield of the 5th generation line of Zhengzhou Xufei optoelectronics is only about 30%. Although it once reached 50%, it is mainly concentrated on small sizes, and the yield of large-size glass substrates has not been high

"when we were still hesitating on the 5th generation glass substrate production line, let's look back at the pace of Corning. Corning signed a supply agreement with sharp as early as 2006, thus becoming the main supplier of glass substrates for Sharp's 8th generation line factory." Mao Lin said

"it is a way worth exploring that Corning cooperates with electronic product manufacturers to develop the LCD glass substrate industry. Most domestic enterprises rarely make joint investment with downstream manufacturers. Compared with domestic glass substrate enterprises, the risk is obviously much greater." Maolin told

in fact, as early as March 27 last year, the glass substrate industry has spread. Corning company of the United States wants to establish the first liquid crystal glass substrate factory in China, mainly to supply liquid crystal panel manufacturers emerging in the Chinese Mainland market

compared with most domestic enterprises, Corning chooses to invest in the LCD glass substrate industry and knows more about the "win-win" strategy, which also makes many local governments willing to introduce enterprises like Corning to settle down

undoubtedly, Zhengzhou Xufei optoelectronics, as a new generation glass substrate enterprise, has a certain gap with Corning in technology, strategy and sales. It is obvious that it does not have the strength to compete with international tycoons

is the inflection point coming

according to the interview, the glass substrate industry has always been relatively stable in the whole global LCD industry, regardless of price or demand performance. In 2008, the global demand for glass substrates was 150million pieces. In 2009 and 2010, the global demand for glass substrates will reach 170million pieces and 190million pieces, with an annual growth rate of more than 10%

seeing such business opportunities, many domestic enterprises began to set foot in the manufacturing of liquid crystal glass substrates. "Zhengzhou Xufei optoelectronics can effectively reduce the price of liquid crystal glass substrates only by increasing the project of liquid crystal glass substrates, so that the production costs of BOE, Shanghai radio and television and other domestic liquid crystal panel enterprises can be reduced." Mao Lin said

in the interview, we also learned that panel manufacturers, including Longteng optoelectronics, BOE and other enterprises, have expectations for the localization of LCD glass substrates

"the localization of glass substrates will certainly help Chinese panel manufacturers reduce the cost of raw materials." Wang Zhonghe said

Wang Zhonghe believes that Zhengzhou Xufei optoelectronics should cooperate with government resources to concentrate on developing competitive products, not only to solve supporting problems, but also the government should focus on supporting industry leading enterprises to combine with industrial chain construction, independent innovation, accumulation of core technologies, accelerating the industrialization process, strengthening market application expansion, and strengthening cooperation with domestic downstream application manufacturers

at the same time, due to the lack of technology in domestic LCD glass substrate enterprises, there is a great risk for enterprises to make glass substrate industry independently. Therefore, relevant national departments should organize corresponding R & D teams to overcome the current situation of "winning but losing", and reduce the blind investment behavior of local governments

"for enterprises, if they want to get involved in the LCD glass substrate industry, they must first reach strategic cooperation with LCD panel manufacturers, win-win upstream and downstream and reduce investment risks." Wang Zhonghe told

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