Expansion of the hottest pentapharm pharmaceutical

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Pentapharm drugs expand the scope of utilization of high-performance composite materials, expand the production line of packaging film

Klockner pentaplast company of the United States expanded the production line of pentapharm film products to produce pentapharm kpmax 4000 film. Pentapharm kpmax film is a four layer structure product containing pvc/pvdc/aclar/pvc, and it can be used for sensitive drugs requiring ultra-high moisture and oxygen barrier performance with fast temperature change test box. By combining Aclar film and PVDC coating, these films can provide the world's highest moisture and oxygen barrier performance, which exceeds the performance that Aclar or PVDC products can provide alone. Pentapharm kpmax film is the basic dimension of 2.1 test mold cavity: A is 160 mm; B is 40[+0.05]-0.10 mm; C is 40[+0.10] mm, which is an ideal material for transparent small packaging requiring ultra-high barrier performance. Klockner pentaplast is the only supplier that can provide this unique film

because PVC is the contact layer of products, pentapharm kpmax film can meet the needs of the most demanding multi-material 3D printers for alloys, elastomers and resins without the assistance of special processing or expensive equipment. These easy to process films can be designed with excellent tiling layers of standard type/filling/sealing packaging lines. Transparent or opaque products can be designed according to users' requirements for barrier performance. Pentapharm kpmax film is designed to meet customers' requirements for ultra-high moisture and oxygen barrier films, said Daniel Stagnaro, U.S. drug film business manager of Klockner pentaplast. Our expanded range of drug films includes this kind of film, as well as the existing pentapharm Aclar, pentapharm alfoil (PVDC) and pentapharm COC barrier films, so as to meet the demanding needs of customers in the global market

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