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Based on the global demand for green and low carbon, the development and application of bioplastics are becoming more and more mature and extensive. This is also reflected in the Chinaplas International Rubber and plastic exhibition to be held in Shanghai in April. This year, the original "bioplastics and degradable plastics zone" will not only be renamed "bioplastics zone", but its exhibition area is expected to increase by more than 40%. In view of the popularity of green themed forums in previous exhibitions, Chinaplas International Rubber and plastic exhibition will hold the "China International bioplastics application seminar" for the fourth consecutive year to raise attention to bioplastics

the area of the special area is planned to be expanded by 40%. The symposium is rich in content.

according to the organizer, the scale of this Chinaplas International Rubber and plastic exhibition will reach a new high, and the exhibition area is expected to reach 210000 square meters. The "bioplastics zone" has also been expanded. This special area is one of the newly opened exhibition areas in the past two years. In today's environment-friendly society, bioplastics are the most important low-carbon materials. Therefore, at this exhibition, the exhibition area will also be expanded by about 40%. At that time, more exhibitors will gather, such as beagle, Danisco, Ekman, Yisheng, Haizheng, blonde, mirelplastics, NatureWorks, etc

in addition, due to the enthusiastic response of the "low carbon plastics forum" held in the same period of the previous exhibition, chinaplas2012 International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition will hold the "Fourth China International Symposium on the application of bioplastics" on the first two days of the exhibition (April 18-19). Experts from all over the world and leading enterprises in related industries will jointly discuss the latest research and development of natural bioplastics, starch/plastic composites, biological nylon, biopolyolefins and other materials Production and application

the specific content is arranged as follows. From the afternoon of April 18, experts from relevant national ministries and commissions of China, the British non food crop center, the Japan bioplastics Association and other units analyzed and explained the development status and latest progress of bioplastics industry in China, Europe and Japan, so that more buyers and audiences could understand the innovative application technology of bioplastics and the current situation of the global market, so as to explore potential investment opportunities

the meeting on April 19 will continue to adjust the step-by-step electromechanical system. Through the frequency modulation rate, the stepless speed regulation can be achieved for the whole day, and the content is more compact and rich. At that time, NatureWorks, a leading bioplastics market enterprise specializing in Ingeo biopolymers, will make a wonderful speech on "the latest application technology and market development of bioplastics Ingeo polylactic acid"; Jinfa technology, a leading domestic modified plastic enterprise, will also introduce ecopend fully biodegradable plastics; BASF made a deep discussion on the theme of "biodegradable agricultural plastic film to help agricultural sustainable development"

And large-scale experiments (random sampling of production lines) need to

comply with the trend of environmental protection, and the market prospect is broad

as Chinaplas International Rubber and plastic exhibition focuses on, the development potential of bioplastics market is infinite

according to statistics, biodegradable plastics accounted for 90% of the global bioplastics market in 2010. Industry insiders predict that the global demand for biodegradable plastics will more than triple by 2015. There will be a huge demand gap for bioplastics in the future. Many enterprises are aware of this and are gearing up to invest in the bioplastics market. For example, BASF, Goldilocks, Huali environmental protection, etc. have taken a series of measures to expand the market, such as financing and listing, expanding the production scale, so as to ensure the stable operation speed and obtain sufficient conditioning and new products. BASF has recently launched a new plastic ecoviofmulch for the production of agricultural film. This new plastic is suitable for the production of traditional black and transparent films, as well as color films; Huali environmental protection introduced us $30million from Standard Chartered Bank and private equity funds to supplement cash flow. It plans to be listed on the main board of the United States to expand the production scale of bioplastics

biodegradable plastics "turn waste into treasure"

waste classification and treatment is a great opportunity for the development of bioplastics, especially in China

using biodegradable plastics to contain food waste is conducive to its decomposition and composting. As early as at chinaplas2011 International Rubber and plastic exhibition, BASF exhibited ecoflex, a fully biodegradable and compostable polymer product. The compostable garbage bag made of ecoflex is conducive to the efficient and hygienic collection of organic waste, so that it can be converted into high-quality compost under specific conditions in industrial composting facilities. Inspect the damage and deformation of two materials of low-carbon cast iron. Waste classification and treatment will become an important factor in the development of bioplastics, and the development of bioplastics will also actively promote a benign ecological cycle

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