Expand the application field of electric actuator

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Expand the application field of electric actuators

in the past, electric actuators on off-road vehicles needed to exert a large force to perform tasks. Recently, a new development trend in the industry has found a low load application field for electric actuators, which are driven by electronic control devices. Its controllability helps to increase advanced functions, improve efficiency, ergonomic performance and safety performance, and reduce costs. The equipment microcomputer control message universal testing machine is mainly used to pick up and test the dynamic and static mechanical properties of various material components, parts, elastomers, rubber elastomers and shock absorbers. Therefore, the manufacturers will have a competitive advantage, and the use of end users will become more convenient

in order to illustrate the advantages of this application, it is conceivable that an excavator operator will allow the engine to idle during the interval between the start of work, and after the start of operation, the operator will increase the throttle to start the hydraulic boom and bucket. Innovative equipment manufacturers are designing an electric actuator, which can make the control system automatically increase the throttle according to the needs of operating hydraulic equipment, and return the throttle to the "standby" state when power is not required

this method can save fuel and reduce noise, because the throttle will be operated only when the equipment is working. In addition, because the electrical circuit replaces the hydraulic pipeline, the electric actuator can reduce the production cost and improve the safety performance. If combined with microprocessor-based control devices, the advantages of electric actuator technology will be more prominent when performing more complex actions. For example, input signals to the control device through the joystick, which can drive the electric actuator and control the driving direction of forklifts and commercial lawnmowers

connecting the actuator to the vehicle's control system can also help improve safety performance and work efficiency, because it can limit the speed of the vehicle while controlling the steering of the vehicle or performing complex movements through simple inputs

in addition to improving safety performance and work efficiency, these actuators also have the function of controlling spool valves. At present, the slide valve has been widely used to control the hydraulic actuator in off-road vehicles. The spool valve is usually located in the cab, and the hydraulic line is connected from the valve to the hydraulic cylinder

putting these valves into the cab will cause serious safety and environmental problems, because high temperature and high pressure may cause hydraulic fluid leakage. In addition, this practice also requires the manufacturer to extend the hydraulic pipeline, increase the cost and occupation of space, and the design complexity is higher. The use of electric actuators can solve these problems, because manufacturers can install the slide valve in a more convenient and safe position in the equipment, rather than being limited to the cab

another kind of electric actuator should be finally used in agricultural equipment (such as combine harvester), such as the key adjustment device of harvesting system. The grain processing cabin of the combine receives the threshed grain, separates the husk by air jet, and then passes through the screen. Air flow regulating holes regulate and control the air flow through the cleaning system, and these holes must be constantly adjusted according to different crop conditions to optimize the performance of the cleaning device. Too much airflow will cause grain loss, and too small airflow will make it difficult to separate the husk. Usually, the operator must climb down the machine from the cab to complete these adjustments, which will reduce productivity. However, the electric actuator can make the operator complete these adjustment operations in the cab with the advantages of wood processing

finally, for systems using feedback, electric actuators are more and more widely used in the field of remote functional control. The actuator can not only realize the independent movement of two sets of marine engines to improve the controllability, but also integrate with the control device, making the whole device a servo loop to meet the unique positioning requirements. When the actuator receives the input signal from the PLC or operator, it can put the adjustable limit switch and electronic load control device into use. In this way, the actuator can open or close the maintenance protective cover on the construction equipment, lift the telescopic arm on the sprinkler or pack hay on the baler

as mentioned above, the application field of electric linear actuator is no longer limited to generating force, and its application in the field of electronic control system has achieved substantial development. The electric actuator can replace the hydraulic pipeline, so it can save money and space. In addition, in the past, many manual operations can also be completed by electric actuators, and the safety has been improved accordingly. More and more OEMs and first-class suppliers require top-level motion control system manufacturers to provide a full set of systems rather than individual components if the elastomer used in the plastic composite cover for high-volume injection cannot be maintained at 121 ℃± 2 ℃ for 30min. OEM suppliers find professional manufacturers in the early stage of the design stage, make full use of these advantages, reduce the total cost and finally meet customer requirements. (end)

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