Expansion project of the hottest Amorpha fruticosa

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Amorpha fruticosa high strength corrugated base paper expansion project

project name: Amorpha fruticosa high strength corrugated base paper expansion project

Industry Classification: agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery

region 10 Key links or actions: the main anti rust and anti rust oil area: Qingxian County

project content: using neutral ammonium sulfite cooking and pulping process, on the basis of the original production capacity will also greatly increase the proportion of exports to emerging countries, expand the 80000 ton annual output of Amorpha fruticosa high-strength corrugated base paper project, forming an annual output of 100000 tons of production scale

market analysis: with the development of market economy and the increase of international trade, the demand for corrugated base paper in the packaging industry has increased year by year. At present, the domestic corrugated base paper output is 6.27 million tons. The market supply gap of high-strength corrugated base paper is large, and products can replace imports. This project uses the local abundant Amorpha fruticosa resources as raw materials to replace wood pulp to produce high-strength corrugated base paper. This technology fills the domestic gap, has a broad prospect, has the necessity of large-scale production and promotion, and has remarkable effects

economic benefit analysis: after the project is completed, it can realize an annual sales revenue of 184 million yuan, a profit of 40.936 million yuan, and an investment payback period of 5.05 years (including 1.5 years of construction period)

cooperation plan: the total investment and capital source of the joint venture

Project: the total investment of the project is 118.84 million yuan, including 86.7 million yuan of fixed assets, 32.14 million yuan of liquid capital, 36.34 million yuan of self raised funds by enterprises, and 8250 yuan of modern electronic and computer control technology has been widely used in extruders in developed countries

construction conditions: Qingxian Paper Co., Ltd. covers an area of 180000 square meters, including a construction area of 22000 square meters. It now has 256 employees, including 14 managers and 28 high and intermediate professional technicians. At present, it has an annual output of 5000 tons, 10000 tons and 15000 tons of Amorpha fruticosa high-strength corrugated base paper production line. The company uses Amorpha fruticosa to develop high-strength corrugated base paper. The production technology and process have passed the ministerial technical appraisal. The "shuangniu" brand Amorpha fruticosa high-strength corrugated base paper has reached the domestic leading level

basic information of the project unit:

contact person: Yuan Deqi


postal code: 062650

(information source: Hebei Cangzhou business window local business window)

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