Exhaust device of the hottest infusion plastic bot

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Exhaust device for large infusion plastic bottle

an exhaust device for large infusion plastic bottle, which is characterized in that it includes an exhaust disc and a dial. The exhaust disc is connected with a fixed rod arranged on the bedplate, and the fixed rod is provided with a long hole, which is connected with the exhaust disc through a bolt shaft. A bearing is set at the connection position between the bolt shaft and the exhaust disc, which is fixedly connected with the fixed seat of the dial and can rotate under its drive. The dial is set at the corresponding position of the exhaust disc, The utility model is provided with an arc groove which can hold the plastic bottle. The magnetization of nanoparticles also has quantum tunneling effect. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, easy processing and manufacturing, stable and reliable performance, easy installation and debugging, and uniform exhaust. It is suitable for the exhaust before the fusion sealing and welding of large infusion plastic bottles in the field of pharmaceutical machinery and food packaging machinery. In the future, the rapid development process of this industry

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