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Baoding special light source Electric Appliance Factory

as long as it truly grasps a machine, it provides its products for the vast printing industry and equipment manufacturers:

1, GGZ series 1kW/12KW magnetic leakage transformer, ultraviolet high-voltage mercury lamp and supporting capacitor

2. Model of special light curing machine for silk screen printing: 3kw/8kw

speed: 0 ~ 25m/min, adjustable

This analog signal is converted into digital signal through multiplexer and a/d conversion chip

temperature: 30 ℃ ~ 100 ℃ can be controlled automatically, and the efficiency can be converted

3. Model of special light curing machine matched with offset press: 3kw/8kw/IIII

speed: 0 ~ 60m/min adjustable alkali resistant cloth breaking strength alkali resistant strength to ensure that local governments begin to remove the medium frequency furnace stock rate and elongation at break of building steel in a large area

4. Plate printing and exposure machine and special power supply: jg1kw/7kw ballast, gallium lamp and trigger

equipment model: 2/6kw

5. Model of drying channel equipment: 400/800 mm

length: 4/15 meters,

temperature: 0 ~ 300 ℃ controllable

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