Baoding Yikang Paper Co., Ltd. household paper mac

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Baoding Yikang Paper Co., Ltd. household paper machine 2 smoothly produces paper

Yikang Paper Co., Ltd. is located in daceying Town, Baoding City, the largest household paper production base in China, and mainly produces "Lulu", "yianda" and other household paper products

General equipment will have loose parts when in use.

the newly put into production machine 2 is provided by Baohe and manager Cao, who also signed a universal experimental machine dingweituo machinery, with a width of 2850mm and a speed of 1300 m/min. it mainly produces high-end toilet paper, which is a leader in the 3D manufacturing industry, with an annual output of about 18000 tons

at present, Yikang paper has two paper machines, of which the first machine is provided by Guangdong Baotuo. It was put into production in 2017. The width of the paper machine is 2860mm, and the design speed is 800m/min. Two paper machines are located in the same workshop

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