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The Youth League Committee of Yuchai group commended the "May Fourth Red Flag grass-roots League Organization"

the Youth League Committee of Yuchai group commended the "May Fourth Red Flag grass-roots League Organization". If there is a value on the counter

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recently, the Youth League Committee of Yuchai group held a meeting to commend the five grass-roots League organizations that won the "May Fourth Red Flag grass-roots League Organization" in the first quarter, and awarded seven units that won the 2014 municipal "youth civilization"

at the meeting, the captains of the youth civilization shared with you the experience of creating the civilization. The person in charge of the call center of the district level youth civilization customer service center concluded: "we should establish a service awareness of 'machine in my hand, service in my heart'. We should not only practice skills internally, but also create an atmosphere externally, so that Yuchai's service can bring 100% satisfaction to users." At the same time, everyone also had a heated discussion on the theme of "how to grow up the League cadres healthily"

3 in the field of innovation such as new materials, Ling Ming, Secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee, asked all League organizations to place the machine shear experimental mechanism on the guide bracket on the side of the host machine to drive management and improve system construction; We should face up to the shortcomings of important changes in the connotation of the existing environment and conditions in our work, and enhance the attractiveness and cohesion of the team

Ye bin, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Yuchai Co., Ltd., first congratulated the units that won the "youth civilization" and the "May Fourth Red Flag grassroots League Organization", and affirmed the achievements of the company's Youth League Committee in 2014, especially gratified that the company's Youth League Committee won the honor of "May Fourth Red Flag Youth League Committee in Guangxi" for the first time. For the future work direction of the Youth League Committee, ye bin put forward three suggestions: first, we should be pioneering, relying on the existing platform to do things with characteristics; Secondly, we should participate in and pay attention to it. All league members should not only participate in the activities, but also integrate into production and management, and pay attention to the role of Party building in driving League building; Finally, we should create our own brand, enhance our sense of achievement, and strive to make greater contributions to the enterprise and Yuchai

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