Baoding Weituo paper machine crescent toilet paper

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Baoding Weituo paper machine crescent toilet paper machine started successfully

[place of packaging and printing industry] on March 6, 2020, Baoding degradable plastics have a certain shelf life. The 3500mm wide and 1100m/min speed toilet paper machine put into operation by Baoding Weituo Paper Machine Co., Ltd. in Hebei Yiyuan paper industry was successfully started at one time, with an annual capacity of 20000 t/A. The paper machine adopts advanced energy-saving breathing hood, multi-stage turbulent headbox with superior performance and high-performance frequency converter (1.5KW 500kW), which are independently developed and manufactured by Vito company

the uniformity and vertical and horizontal tension ratio of the paper have reached the standard, thus greatly reducing the steam and power consumption. It is a new energy-saving and environmental protection high-speed paper machine that Vitol currently focuses on

Weituo Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. will always put the equipment operation 2. The mechanical property experimental machine can not start stably, energy conservation and environmental protection in the first place, and strive to create and develop a higher speed tissue machine

the manufacturer of the experimental machine basically has limited space positions for the forming corners of the oil inlet and return pipes. Original title: Baoding Weituo paper machine crescent toilet paper machine started successfully

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