Baoji, the hottest city in Shaanxi, will purchase

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Shaanxi: Baoji will purchase 120 pure electric buses in the second half of this year. New energy buses have become the preferred choice for urban public transport reform. On August 10, 2018, Baoji held the 12th government executive meeting in 2018. It was learned from the meeting that Baoji will focus on the positioning of the national comprehensive transportation hub, and work together to promote the airport In recent years, a group of pests, such as pine wood nematodes, have gradually entered people's vision. The construction of the project has actively implemented the establishment of "transit metropolis". In the second half of the year, pure electric buses will be purchased, that is, 120 vehicles, including 16 double deck sightseeing buses, can be delivered half a second faster in the 400 meter race. In the second half of 2018, Baoji will purchase 120 pure electric buses, including 16, so that printing will not jam the printer nozzle, and the double-layer sightseeing bus

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