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In recent years, with the popularization of technology and market competition, the leading advantage of printing ink technology of many traditional state-owned enterprises in China has gradually lost, and the cost advantage of products of other private enterprises has also been revealed, and their market share has been continuously expanded. A few state-owned traditional old enterprises failed to keep up with the technological transformation of the industry, and the technology failed to keep up with the changes of the market, so the situation also changed, that is, from others to follow us, to us to follow others. Moreover, due to the popularization of product technology and the homogenization of product quality, the competition of products has gradually become the competition of product price and service quality

the success of private enterprises is to take the market driven road. The development idea of printing ink is: develop ink suitable for the market. The orders of Chinese plastic extruder enterprises have increased significantly, especially the introduction of competitive products with low price and good quality, so as to occupy the middle and low-end market, such as paper offset ink, plastic surface printing ink and internal printing ink; Develop environmental friendly inks: such as alcohol soluble intaglio printing ink, waterless soybean oil offset printing (environmental friendly) ink, water-based ink (among which water-based plastic ink is an environmental protection product supported by Guangdong Province) and uv/eb flexographic printing ink; Develop high value-added ink products: such as industrial inkjet products (continuous inkjet CIJ, DOD dripping on demand), conductive inks, anti-counterfeiting safety inks, etc. There are many kinds of inks with different uses, and printing with inks is also a technology, so the technical service of inks is also particularly important. Not only does it require the maintenance skills of universal material testing machine? The above content is a detailed introduction to this problem. The service provider should be familiar with ink and extensive printing technology at the same time. For example, what are the advantages of an ink, where it is used, where customers are, and how to use it to reflect the advantages of the product. We should find out the customers' satisfaction with our product quality and service (including dealers, manufacturers, individual consumers, etc.) and understand the customers' satisfaction with our products. The PP resin degraded by peroxide should be controlled. See:

1 Whether the customer service (such as supply channel, delivery, product use guidance, introduction of similar products, etc.) is satisfactory

2. Whether to provide new products suitable for customer requirements

3. Product quality (such as product quality indicators, advancement, stability, and deficiencies)

4. Whether they are satisfied with the speed of information reflected by customers, and whether they are satisfied with after-sales service

5. Whether the process and equipment used by customers are reasonable, and whether there are references or improvements. Gradually form a market (customer) centered and provide appropriate ink products according to customers' needs, so as to improve customers' satisfaction with ink products and services, so as to expand the market share of ink. In the past ten years, great changes have taken place in the quality and quantity of ink products in China, but China is still a developing country. The per capita consumption of printed matter is still very low, only 5% of the per capita consumption of developed countries, and the use of ink is also very low. In the next five to five years, the system will immediately analyze the test curve. In ten years, China's national economy will maintain high-speed development, and the great development of ink is also obvious

in the next few years, the development of China's ink industry should not only increase products, but also focus on adjusting product structure, improving production concentration, strengthening research and development, improving scientific and technological content, improving quality, and improving product stability, so as to meet the needs of today's multi-color, high-speed, fast drying, pollution-free and low consumption modern printing

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