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15 brand PVC fresh-keeping film detection banned plasticizer

fresh-keeping film is a kind of plastic packaging products commonly used in daily life for food preservation, especially in the high temperature in summer. The fresh-keeping film can prevent all kinds of food in the refrigerator from smelling and maintain the freshness of food to a certain extent, but not long ago, The toxic plasticizer DEHA contained in 15 brands of fresh-keeping films such as Wanhe Boyuan was exposed by CCTV's weekly quality report and the International Food Packaging Association at the same time. DEHA is not only a carcinogen, but also destroys the human endocrine system and reproductive system, leading to female precocious puberty and male infertility. As a result, PVC cling film has become a hidden killer until 2023, which makes consumers panic

so, what about Zhoucheng fresh-keeping film market? Do citizens know the classification and identification of plastic wrap? Recently, I visited many supermarkets in wuyangba, Several consumers were interviewed at random. "In fact, the right place for garbage is a resource.

Background: PVC fresh-keeping film contains toxic plasticizer

on July 28, CCTV" weekly quality report " Exposure said that the toxic plasticizer banned by the state may be hidden in the fresh-keeping film. On the same day, the International Food Packaging Association released a report that 15 of the 16 PVC fresh-keeping film samples surveyed detected DEHA, a plasticizer banned by the state because of its low price. Among them, the DEHA content of Wanhe fresh-keeping film was 23.6%, 471 times higher than the detection limit; Even if DEHP is allowed to be used by the state, it is found that the amount of 9 samples exceeds the standard, which is 29 times higher than that of the national standard

studies have shown that plasticizers allowed to be added are generally relatively stable when used in PE and EVA environments at room temperature, but DEHA can be released from fresh-keeping film and infiltrated into food at room temperature, especially when packaging foods with high fat content (such as cheese and meat). When heating food, DEHA in the fresh-keeping film will also accelerate the release. The international cancer research center divides DEHA into three categories of carcinogens, and the harm to human body cannot be ignored

dongjinshi, a food safety expert and executive vice president and Secretary General of the International Food Packaging Association, said that plasticizers lead to endocrine system disorders. The main phenomenon is the increase of estrogen secretion, which leads to female precocious puberty and male infertility, especially affecting the genital development of infants


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