Baoding wheel excavator and wood grabber are the h

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Baoding wheel excavator and wood grabber, a powerful tool for wealth creation, are popular

Baoding wheel excavator and wood grabber are popular

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nowadays, more and more people have announced to enter the 3D printing industry to consult the excavator grabber, especially in the timber market, sugar mills, sugarcane plantations, biomass power plants, etc. in Guangxi, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Heilongjiang, Shandong and other regions. This machine is favored by the majority of users, mainly because it has the following advantages:

1, flexible action, convenient operation, without any auxiliary equipment, Basically, a car and a driver can complete the whole loading and unloading operation, unload the car on site and take the money to leave, making money easier

2. High efficiency and energy saving. The efficiency is at least 50% higher than that of the loader. The fuel consumption is only 20 yuan/hour under the condition of full load work

3. One machine is multi-purpose. The excavator type wood grabber belongs to a multi-purpose model, which can be grabbed, dug and broken. It can create greater wealth value

Baoding wheel excavator wood grabber model recommendation (click the picture to inquire)

but many customers don't know much about the excavator wood grabber and don't know how to choose a suitable machine for themselves. Next, I recommend a popular excavator wood grabber product in the market, Baoding wheel excavator wood grabber. Let's see the following advantages. (click to inquire)

1. The body and gripper can rotate 360 degrees, and the working space is unlimited. It can efficiently complete the operation in a narrow space environment. The slewing support of the same model car is 8 inches, and the slewing support of Baoding gripper is 9 inches, which is more durable

2. It adopts domestic well-known brand supercharged engine, with mature and stable performance, fuel economy, and relatively low maintenance cost in the later stage

3. The foreword adopts the international advanced sensitive plunger pump, which has soft action, long service life and low failure rate

4. The imported main valve is adopted, and the lifting speed of various actions is relatively fast, making the work efficiency higher

5. The heavy-duty 8-ton engineering front and rear axles and engineering tires are used, which are more suitable for all kinds of harsh working conditions

6. The loading and unloading height of Baoding 95 excavator grab of the same model is 5 meters. In order to meet the needs of the majority of users, it can also be customized with 20 cm longer arms and 20 cm longer arms

nowadays, Baoding excavator wood grabber has helped thousands of customers realize their dream of becoming rich with more sustainability and better performance. If you also plan to buy this excavator type wood grabber, which is mainly used in PS plastic and nylon for 3D printing, please make an inquiry quickly! (this article is from Baoding)

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