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Baomeng, an expert in wind power measurement and control technology, participated in the 2014 CWP

on October 22 and 24, baomeng will bring a comprehensive solution of wind power measurement and control technology to the 2014 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition (2014 CWP)

as a supplier of sensors, encoders, and process instruments that need to be pointed out in the wind power industry and a leading manufacturer in the world, baomeng will exhibit its measurement and control application solutions and technologies in the wind power industry after 20 years of hard work, said Jany, such as: generator speed accurate monitoring scheme, multi turn absolute value leading technology applied to pitch system, fan functional safety detection scheme Unique speed measurement technology for large shaft diameter applications and accurate speed measurement technology applied to slip rings, etc. Baomeng products have always been at the forefront of the wind power industry with the highest robustness and low maintenance. Because the packaging bag structure can be customized according to requirements, it is easy to operate, self diagnosis and redundancy functions as its own secret weapons

during this exhibition, baomeng will also display the newly developed tower vibration sensor gam900 series and a variety of machines for users to experience in person. Here, we sincerely invite people from all walks of life to come to baomeng booth to create business opportunities

exhibition time: October 22-24, 2014

exhibition location: China International Exhibition Center (New Hall)

booth number: w1-b18

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