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Baogou Town, Tengzhou City, the hometown of glass, industrial agglomeration creates competitive advantages

appropriate gate size should be selected. On the 29th, the south line of "looking at Shandong enterprises through innovative development" came to baogou Town, Tengzhou City, "the hometown of Chinese craft glass". The cost reduction brought by industrial agglomeration makes the glass industry here more competitive

Located in the south of Tengzhou City, baogou town is the largest glass production and deep processing base in the north of the river, "hometown of Chinese craft glass". Baogou town's products have developed from a single glass raw sheet to international or industrial standards to measure the physical properties of various materials, from experiments to more than 60 varieties and more than 2000 specifications such as coating and low radiation. Last year, the main business income reached 10.8 billion yuan. Baogou town has also introduced and implemented the China Glass City Cultural Industrial Park project with a total investment of 3.6 billion yuan, which provides favorable conditions for the entrepreneurship and development of cultural enterprises with complete supporting facilities, generous policy support and complete industrial chain. At present, there are 41 enterprises in the industrial park, driving the employment of more than 2200 people. In 2015, the output value reached 8. More than 300 million yuan. At the same time, by providing small guaranteed loans, organizing entrepreneurship training, dispatching entrepreneurship instructors, holding craft glass exhibitions, and organizing enterprises to participate in domestic and foreign trade fairs, we will vigorously cultivate characteristic art glass enterprise brands and comprehensively build a glass industry cluster led by art glass

Tengzhou Fenghua Glass Co., Ltd. is a glass deep-processing enterprise, which mainly produces all kinds of architectural glass. Although the real estate industry has a downward trend, it has little impact on Fenghua glass. Chairman Wang Wei introduced that low cost and high quality are the key, and the glass industry cluster in baogou town has saved them a lot of costs. "Take a list from Dubai for example. According to their requirements, I have two processes that I can't do well, and there are two professional factories around me. I don't need additional freight, and I don't need to bear inventory risk, which reduces the cost."

in addition to the economies of scale brought by industrial agglomeration, glass city has also made great efforts in structural adjustment. Shandong vision ChanRong Glass Technology Co., Ltd. is a settled enterprise in the glass city, integrating cultural elements and creative elements into glass products, turning intangible cultural values into tangible works of art, and making the added value of glass reach more than 100 times

in the exhibition hall, SunJian, the person in charge, introduced that the parent company of horizon industrial and financial glass is Hangzhou Chenshi glass carving products Co., Ltd., which was attracted by baogou town through investment attraction. Sun Jian introduced that the victory lies in product quality and technology. In their own words, the company's products have been imitated and never surpassed. Three months ago, the company successfully launched the lamination process. Although it was soon imitated by other enterprises of elongation, it cannot be compared with it in terms of materials and workmanship

(glass decoration made by hot melt technology)

(landscape composed of glass bamboo and real bamboo)

(Golden River and mountain UPVC building drainage pipe fire ring ga304 ⑵ 001: deep carving and gold foil technology)

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