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Baoji, Shaanxi: speed up the construction of a famous equipment manufacturing city

on the long march in the new era, opening up can bring progress. The "the Belt and Road" has sounded the clarion call for reform and opening up in the new era. Baoji, as an important node of national strategy, has become a loud note in this magnificent movement and stands at the forefront of opening-up and development. The third time of the 12th Bayer materials science and technology exhibition of the municipal Party committee, the ecological balance hard bubble conference, proposed that in 2018, the aviation, highway, railway and logistics construction projects with an investment of 100 billion yuan should be fully implemented, the "big hub" should be improved, and an international open channel should be built, with all deformation aluminum processing capabilities; Make good use of the national open innovation platform, connect with Shaanxi Free Trade Zone, integrate into the "New Silk Road", and create an international open platform; Aim at international and domestic first-class cities and advanced regions, comprehensively "connect and merge", and shape the image of internationalization and opening up...

great opening, great strategy, great efforts and great development. International city - Baoji's new image, new connotation and new spirit, openness is the root and innovation is the soul. The beautiful blueprint inspires people to work hard to achieve tomorrow. Major projects will spring up like mushrooms, and the glittering sweat will water it to grow higher and higher

in 2018, taking advantage of the construction of the "the Belt and Road", Baoji will open its door wider and wider, its innovation level will be higher and higher, its economic territory will be larger and larger, and its competitive advantage will be stronger and stronger. Baoji will strive to become an important node of the global urban network system. The sound of "camel bell" rings again on the new Silk Road, and the new movement echoes Gu Chencang. An open and innovative international city makes people imagine, enchanted and intoxicated

cultivate new, promote strong and revitalize the stock of enterprises

implement the special action plan for the cultivation and growth project of small and medium-sized enterprises and supporting small and micro enterprises, and drive the added value of industries above Designated Size in the city to exceed 110billion yuan and the total output value to exceed 350billion yuan

attract large and strong enterprises, introduce high-quality increment

focus and strengthen five hundred billion industrial clusters, and accelerate the construction of one million new silk road automobile cities, "China Titanium Valley" and national new material high-tech industrial bases, high-end equipment manufacturing cities, northwest food processing bases, and energy and chemical industrial bases

accelerate the implementation of innovation driven development strategy

vigorously develop new products and new business forms such as robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, additive manufacturing, photoelectric technology, electronic information, etc. Accelerate the cultivation and introduction of innovative enterprises, innovative talents, innovative parks, innovative national platforms and other innovative subjects

vigorously develop new economy, new business forms and new models

vigorously develop modern finance, e-commerce, modern logistics and other industries. We will accelerate the development of Internet hospitals, smart tourism, smart transportation and other industries

vigorously implement the strategy of Rural Revitalization

further promote the structural reform of the agricultural supply side, steadily promote the reform of the rural collective property right system, and strive to cultivate new farmers who are literate, skilled and able to operate

promote the reform of key areas and key links

deepen the reform of institutions and administrative systems, and explore the merger or joint office of Party and government organs with similar functions. We will deepen the reform of the economic system and make new breakthroughs in fundamental and key areas

vigorously develop the private economy

support and encourage successful people abroad and fresh graduates to return home and start businesses. We will actively promote the demonstration project of innovative development and transformation of private enterprises, and clean up and abolish regulations and practices that hinder the unified market and fair competition

expand and strengthen the county economy

support Weibin, Jintai and Chencang districts to move forward towards the goal of the province's top five districts. Feng County, Fengxiang, Qishan 2, measurement and control system, operating software and data processing system rank higher among the top ten counties in the province. Fufeng County and Meixian County compete to be the "pacesetter" in the development of the pass. Qianyang County, Longxian County, Linyou county and Taibai County create famous counties with characteristic industries

build a number of Characteristic Towns

promote the county expansion and quality improvement project, build three national characteristic towns of Tangyu, Famen and Liulin, do a good job in caijiapo national new urbanization comprehensive pilot and provincial small city cultivation, and continue to promote the construction of provincial key demonstration towns and cultural tourism famous blocks

if industry prospers, Baoji prospers; If industry is strong, Baoji is strong. Baoji, an old industrial base in the northwest, is particularly dominated by equipment manufacturing. Revitalizing the stock, transforming and upgrading, and accelerating the building of a famous equipment manufacturing city are the only way to catch up and surpass

Premier Li Keqiang proposed the requirement of "equipping China and going global" during his inspection of Baoji. The prime minister's instructions are the direction of our efforts

the Third Plenary Session of the 12th CPC Municipal Committee proposed that 2 professional manufacturers should highlight quality and efficiency and accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading to serve you in 2018; Highlight reform and innovation, and promote the change of development momentum; Give prominence to problem orientation and speed up the filling of development weaknesses. Pay more attention to invigorating the stock, cultivating new and promoting strength, and concentrate on building an industrial echelon of "ten billion enterprises + above designated enterprises + small, medium and micro enterprises"; Pay more attention to recruiting large and strong enterprises and introducing high-quality increment, and speed up the construction of a famous equipment manufacturing city; Pay more attention to standardization, branding and industrialization, and solidly promote the construction of a strong city with modern agriculture; Pay more attention to the development of new economy, new business forms and new models, and speed up the construction of a "unicorn" enterprise development ecosystem

hundreds of billions of industrial clusters will continue to grow, the construction of famous automobile cities will accelerate, the reputation of China's titanium valley will increase day by day, and robot enterprises will help China's Intelligent Manufacturing...

as long as we firmly establish the concept of "innovation driven, intelligent manufacturing future" and adhere to reform and innovation, a famous equipment manufacturing city famous in China and going to the world will rise in Xiqin

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