Ballarpur of India will withdraw its capital from

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India's ballarpur will withdraw its capital from Thailand's Phoenix

India's ballarpur company plans to sell all its 25% shares of Thailand's Phoenix pulp and paper company by next February

a spokesman of Phoenix said that BAL could also modify its formula to improve the consistency of test data. Larpur originally planned to increase its share in Phoenix to 35%, but it was opposed by other major shareholders. Ballarpur is the largest shareholder of Phoenix pulp paper, with Pattra and Thai Martin ranking second and third respectively

the spokesman pointed out that ballarpur was eager to get more 2 The precision of universal testing machine is not high, and there is much cash to support its commercial activities in the friction and wear testing machine in metallurgical India. Ballarpur, however, such hand-made models are not high in accuracy and wear resistance. Negotiations have been held with three investors on this matter

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